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Solar Flood Light Set: L

Solar Flood Light Set: L

SKU: 0076

It is widely used in home lighting, streets and roads, residential areas, scenic spots, 

parks,squares, private gardens and other public places

also used for night lighting of advertising board, and construction outdoor lighting, 

easy to install, energy saving, no need to pay electric fee, longer life span.

  • Configuration

    (1) Solar panel: 5V/95W, life time: 25years. (2) LAMP: SMD, common 60W, 5400lumen, life time: 50000 hours. (3) Battery: 3.2V/65000mAH LiFePO4 battery, life time: 8-12 years. (4) Lighting time: 4+X hours, pre 4hrs full power lighting, then intelligent power control.

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